mageia 7, apache-mpm-itk?

mageia 7, apache-mpm-itk?

Postby FreeOwl » Mar 18th, '20, 09:53

apache-mpm-itk (or httpd-mpm-itk) exists for Mageia 7?
if so, how do I install it
I need this package to differentiate access rights:
user1 - site1
user2 - site2
user3 - site3
can I implement such a scheme without this package?

PS Sorry for my english
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Re: mageia 7, apache-mpm-itk?

Postby doktor5000 » Mar 19th, '20, 01:07

FreeOwl wrote:apache-mpm-itk (or httpd-mpm-itk) exists for Mageia 7?

No it does not, as far as I can see. That would also be quite a large security risk for a webserver IMHO, as it's unmaintained since quite some time: wrote:The latest version is 2.4.7-04 for Apache 2.4.7 and newer (older 2.4.x will not work), last updated 2016-02-14.

You should probably check the mentioned homepage for some alternatives - also read the security concerns there.

Although I don't know apache that well, maybe someone else can provide some thoughts on this topic.
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