Tight VNC: Windows to Mageia

Tight VNC: Windows to Mageia

Postby drichard58 » Oct 4th, '19, 02:17

I have Mageia 7 on my main personal PC with dual monitors. I have set up Tight VNC Server on this machine and set a Tight VNC Client on my Windows Surface Pro. When at home, I would like to run apps on my Linux PC from Windows because of the portability (Suface Pro is my Company's PC, so I can't put Linux on it).

The VNC connects without an issue, but I get an error message "The screen locker is broken and unlocking is not possible anymore..." In reading other comments on Linux sites, some people seem to be saying it's a KDE issue (I usually use Gnome, but decided to try KDE this time). I thought it may have to do with the fact that my Linux PC is dual monitor and, of course, the surface is single monitor.

Any suggestions?
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