gigabit switch between FritzBox and Desktop

gigabit switch between FritzBox and Desktop

Postby vmunich » Sep 11th, '19, 10:53

Hi everyone,

My computer (desktop running Mageia 7) used to be connected directly to my modem/router (FritzBox 7590). Worked great.

Now I have ethernet cables in my home with one cable going from the router to the room where my computer is.

I installed a TP-Link gigabit switch ( ... l-sg1005p/) right before my computer, so I can plug several ethernet devices (printer...) into the switch which is connected to the router.

Still, my desktop computer (plugged into the switch using ethernet calble) does not see the network/internet connection....

Do I have to change the config on my computer when it is connected to the router over a switch ???
I guess the FritzBox provides DHCP

Thanks a lot for any hint
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Re: gigabit switch between FritzBox and Desktop

Postby doktor5000 » Sep 11th, '19, 14:47

I believe the power-over-ethernet feature of that switch might be an issue. Do you have any other switch around that you can test? Also, do you get the same result when you plugin to port 5, which should not be PoE-enabled ? And did you try with other cables?

Also, did I understand it correctly that there's no configuration possible for that switch ?
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