Nordvpn native client?

Nordvpn native client?

Postby varrin » Aug 9th, '19, 03:31


I previously reported success getting NordVPN working using Network Manager in this post: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=12963

However, I have a reason to want to try the NordVPN client. I downloaded the RPM from the NordVPN website but receive a dependency error (unsatisfied libxslt) using both dnf and urpmi. But I have lib64xslt and lib64xslt-devel installed. I even tried installing the 32-bit versions, but that didn't help either. DNF says "nothing provides libxslt needed by nordvpn-3.3.0-4.x86_64"

Any ideas on how to fix that?

Oh, and I'm still on MGA6...

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Re: Nordvpn native client?

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 9th, '19, 08:13

varrin wrote:Any ideas on how to fix that?

You cannot "fix" that, you could contact NordVPN and ask them if they could also provide a package for Mageia.
If no package provides that dependency, you can only install that package ignoring those dependencies, but you need to manually ensure the respective packages are installed.
To install use
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urpmi --allow-nodeps
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Re: Nordvpn native client?

Postby magic » Aug 10th, '19, 01:02

I've tried this a couple of times (on mga6 as it happens) so I'll add my 2 cents to the above advice:
I came to the same conclusion on libxslt as you and it seems to work okay.
I didn't get much joy with the (meta?) rpm, from the website, with urpmi (I haven't tried it since first release, though) and ended up downloading the actual software rpm manually. After a nodeps install seems to work as expected. Have to manually update to new versions.

Looks to setup the connection (including dns) properly. (Obviously, you're taking your own chances if you do use it)

I've been thinking about trying it again after an update to 7 but that's still on the back burner as not needed to use a vpn at all recently.
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Re: Nordvpn native client?

Postby jiml8 » Aug 12th, '19, 19:54

You might try installing the client with no dependency checking, then running ldd on the executable. This will tell you which version of libxslt the executable is looking for. Then, symlink to your libxslt with that name.

This often works, if the only important difference is in the name of the library.
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Re: Nordvpn native client?

Postby varrin » Aug 12th, '19, 20:29

I managed to get it installed and running but there were other complications that resulted in the app simply not working.

After further research, I concluded I wasn't read to do what was necessary to get obfuscated servers running with Nord. They did provide instructions to patch OpenVPN for XOR and do it that way, but that would leave me with a patched openvpn, which I didn't want.

My ultimate solution was to develop a set of scripts to set up OpenVPN and stunnel on an off-the-shelf cheap VPS and use that. I developed some simple scripts to start and end it on the client (my laptop). I haven't tested it from a jurisdiction that requires that sort of obfuscation yet but I'll have a chance later this month. Hopefully that works...

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