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[DONE] Reducing logging from kio_smb

PostPosted: Aug 7th, '19, 12:01
by ITA84
I'm on the Plasma desktop and connect to a large SMB share; I've noticed that the journal always gets filled with log entries by kio_smb like these

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kdeinit5[5804]: kio_smb: size  0
kdeinit5[5804]: kio_smb: QUrl("smb://...")
kdeinit5[5804]: kio_smb: updateCache  "..."

every time I open a folder in the share in Dolphin. I don't really have a use for all these messages and would like to prevent them from being output in order to have cleaner logs for what really matters, but I don't really know how to do that.

I've tried with kdebugsettings and kdebugdialog5, disabling all debug messages, or disabling all messages from "kioslave (smb)", but that didn't seem to work (I've run kdeinit5 to reload the services, and even tried logging out and back in).

Thanks in advance

EDIT: nevermind, kdebugsettings seems to have worked after a reboot