NordVPN: OpenVPN + Network Manager + Shorewall + Mageia

NordVPN: OpenVPN + Network Manager + Shorewall + Mageia

Postby varrin » Jul 30th, '19, 03:44


Just leaving this here with the hope that it helps someone else. Took a bit of work but I was successful getting NordVPN set up on Magiea. The most helpful threads were:


^ This gives the packages required to switch to Network Manager. I had to reboot (all the way) to get it running right.

Once I had usable wifi and wired through Network Manager, I created an OpenVPN connection in Network Manager > Configure Network Connections > Add a New Connection (under Edit your Network Connections) > Import VPN connection (used the .ovpn files supplied by Nordvpn). It would connect but the internet didn't work. Shorewall was the problem:


^ This post suggested the solution. Start the VPN connection first, then go through the firewall setup and make sure to include tun0. After that, everything worked great. Added another connection and it worked perfectly the first time.

Thanks all for the help along the way.

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