libtorrent rasterbar LAN c++

libtorrent rasterbar LAN c++

Postby hjl1995 » Dec 13th, '16, 05:33

hello everyone,i have a problem about libtorrent
i have a lan which bandwidth is 1000Mb ,and the max rate of disk read and wirte is about 70MB/s.i use libtorrent/example/client-test to download torrent ,its download rate is nearly 70MB/s when i only have 2 client,which one have source and the other one download.but when i have lots of client ,the download rate decrease to nearly 25MB/s,and upload rate is about 10MB/s .i analylize that it has a function to control rate when a client both download and upload.
so my question is how to increase my download rate and upload rate?what function control it?how to modify it?
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Re: libtorrent rasterbar LAN c++

Postby doktor5000 » Dec 13th, '16, 13:16

Hi there, you're asking this in the wrong place, please consider reading the documentation at and/or ask on their mailing list.

Apart from that, for good measure usually you should not try to congest your upstream, so you should not got for more then 70-80% upstream usage. So if 15MB/s is your upstream, don't go over 12MB/s, this is usually done by setting speed limits in the torrent client. For libtorrent, see e.g. ... ter-limits or ... load-speed for some examples.
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