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[RESOLVED] Scanner recovery

PostPosted: Jan 11th, '21, 01:27
by griffin2
Adding a cheap webcam and installing Zoom has apparently broken scanner support on my Mageia 7.1 system. Zoom not only crippled Pulseaudio by grabbing the left channel output for the webcam's microphone input, it also set the webcam as the only scanner on the system! Even after I unplug the webcam, the HP Deskjet 2600 Printer/Scanner on my system is no longer found. Is there a way I can recover scanning support?

Re: [RESOLVED] Scanner recovery

PostPosted: Jan 11th, '21, 10:46
by griffin2
I fixed the scanner support that Zoom had broken by reinstalling sane, as follows,
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urpmi --replacepkgs lib64kf5sane5 lib64sane-hpaio1 lib64sane1 libksane sane-backends sane-frontends

and rerunning scanner setup in Mageia Control Center / Hardware.

Re: [RESOLVED] Scanner recovery

PostPosted: Jan 11th, '21, 18:28
by doktor5000
Next time I'd say you should check the sane config below /etc/sane - maybe you'd only need to blacklist the v4l module which makes the webcam often the primary scanner device.