[SOLVED] CUPS : "Widows Printer via Samba" option is missing

[SOLVED] CUPS : "Widows Printer via Samba" option is missing

Postby Can80 » Sep 18th, '18, 22:49

Hello everybody.

I have set up a Mageia 6 (X86_64) system on my computer at work and it is running like a charm!
I am however running into an issue that keeps me from connecting to the printing service on our network.
I know that I have to do it via Samba. The process should be simple and straight forward.

But strangely, whether I go through the Control Center or CUPS (http://localhost:631/admin), the option to add "Windows Printer via Samba" is missing and I haven't managed to make it appear so far.
I have tried some of the solutions that were proposed for other systems, which consist mostly in installing packages like python-smbc and other smb-related packages, but no luck so far.

I'm guessing that a link has to be made somewhere between CUPS and smbspool (or smbprint). But I truly don't know.

Would somebody have an idea?

I am not providing any detailed information on my system now, because I have no clue what information would be useful.

Thank you for your time and your help!
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Re: CUPS : the "Widows Printer via Samba" option is missing

Postby Can80 » Sep 19th, '18, 18:58

Hello again!

After lots of searching and reading everywhere, I have found and solved my problem.
It turns our that the option was missing in the /usr/lib/cups/backend/ directory. So in order to fix that, I created the missing link and restarted CUPS:
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# ln -s /usr/bin/smbspool /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb
# service cups restart

And Voilà!
So all the extra packages I installed were probably unnecessary.

Sorry for the bother.
Still, I hope this can be useful for anyone who happens to run into the same issue.

Best Regards! :)
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Re: CUPS : the "Widows Printer via Samba" option is missing

Postby isadora » Sep 19th, '18, 19:31

Would you mind, marking this topic [SOLVED]?
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Thanks ahead. :)
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