Reporting MGA6 Plasma Bugs - Please Read

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Reporting MGA6 Plasma Bugs - Please Read

Postby claire » Apr 13th, '16, 12:33

Morning all

Plasma maintainer (1) has asked that everyone be informed of the process
for reporting bugs against Plasma in Mageia 6/Cauldron. This will help
him to ensure these bugs are handled correctly.

Please initially report any bugs you find on Mageia bugzilla (2) in the
usual way. Bugs which are not strictly Mageia only may then also need to
be reported upstream onto the kde bugzilla (3) to be fixed. The upstream
fix will then be incorporated into our own packages.

When a bug needs to be reported upstream, the maintainer will add the
"UPSTREAM" keyword onto your bug report. If your Plasma bug report has
this keyword added, please report the issue upstream on the kde bugzilla
and give a link to that report on your Mageia bug, so it can be tracked
and implemented.

Please check now whether you need to take some action. It is easy to
find your existing bug reports using the "My Bugs" link at the bottom of
the page in our bugzilla.

(1) Nicolas L'écureuil (neoclust)

Many Thanks
Claire (MrsB)
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Re: Reporting MGA6 Plasma Bugs - Please Read

Postby plspls » Aug 14th, '16, 11:39

plasma does not work. please fix. thanks.
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Re: Reporting MGA6 Plasma Bugs - Please Read

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 14th, '16, 13:32

What exactly does not work? If you do not provide sufficient information for the developers to eventually be able to reproduce yoru issue, then it's not possible for them to fix anything.
You have to be more verbose. Also this thread is not meant for reporting issues, please continue in your separate thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11280
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