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I am fairly new to mageia, I have run mandriva in the past, Pc linux, and also Fedora. I would like to know if anyyone has been able to install Streamtuner2, icecast, or shoutcast into mageia2 64 bit. The past versions I have been able to get streamtuner2 but not with magia. Can anyone direct me. I did find a possible solution in bugzilla on it but I do not understand it.
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Re: streamtuner2?

Postby wintpe » Nov 15th, '12, 22:52

Its unlikly someone will do your work for you, to see where you might have gone wrong,
So it would help if you can describe the steps you took, what you found suggested on bugzilla

If i was interested in installing a package on mageia that was not readily available, i would search for a
Source rpm from a resent fedora or redhat based build and run rpmrebuild --rebuild filname

Theres a good chance if that builds that it will install and run, although you might also have to install additional dependancies

Including in some cases rebuilding library packages from the same place if mageia does not provide them

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