nVidia 304 Mageia 7

nVidia 304 Mageia 7

Postby wrw105 » Jul 14th, '19, 15:44

I've recently installed Mageia 7. I've had a recurring problem with Plasma hanging under the nouveau video driver, as has happened on older releases on my laptop which used the nVidia 304 driver under previous releases.. Just wondering if it would be worth downloading the nV 304 source from mga6 and rebuilding the packages under M7. I think I'd probably have to edit ldetect.lst as well. Is there anything else? Would it be worth requesting a build for M7?

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Re: nVidia 304 Mageia 7

Postby martinw » Jul 14th, '19, 23:33

nvidia304 is the proprietary driver - only NVIDIA have the source code. The last binary release of that driver is not compatible with the Xorg server in Mageia 7, and as NVIDIA have discontinued support, nothing can be done to fix that.

Try either the modesetting driver (found in the Xorg section in drakX11) or the vesa driver to see if they work better than the nouveau driver.
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