Postby rychok » Jun 19th, '19, 03:07

I have three laptops with dual Intel - NVidia video cards, on two of them mageia-prime is working fine, on one with Mageia 6 sometimes I have to reboot even few times to get X running,but since I hibernate it there is no big issue, on third one I was using bumblebee, but without big frame rate improvement. Once after reading prime guide I used instant switch - zap- option that worked, but only for that session, not on next boot, when screen flicker. Since Mageia 7 is almost ready I will see what will happened after upgrade, but if stays same should I seek help here or file a bug?
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Re: mageia-prime

Postby doktor5000 » Jun 19th, '19, 23:21

Best first ask here, maybe others will share how prime works for them. And if your issue is reproducible, then file a bug later on.
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