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Bad work on two screens

PostPosted: Aug 21st, '17, 15:50
by kermi
I use 2 monitors - for programming in lazarus.
When I use kde then all icons duplicates from the first to the second screen. How fix it?

Re: Bad work on two screens

PostPosted: Aug 21st, '17, 18:25
by doktor5000
What icons do you mean in particular, are you referring to panel icons, icons on the desktop, ... ?
Care to share a screenshot please?

Re: Bad work on two screens

PostPosted: Oct 14th, '17, 15:48
by daniewicz
I can verify that with Mageia 6 and Plasma using two monitors will result in all desktop icons being duplicated for both monitors. The panel is OK and is not duplicated.

Re: Bad work on two screens

PostPosted: Oct 23rd, '17, 14:58
by wintpe
I guess that depends how you do two monitors.

I use Nvidias twinview when i have done this in the past, and it does not duplicate the primary screen, but creates an empty one.

that was a mageia 5 system, not tried recently under mga6

regards peter

Re: Bad work on two screens

PostPosted: Jan 10th, '18, 18:02
by zeebra
Mageia 6 works excellent for double monitors. The only loss vis'a'vis Mageia 5 is the KDE removal of separate settings for separate desktops where you are now forced to use activities instead of different widgets on each desktop.

This however does not affect double minitors setup since the second monitor counts as an extension to the primary monitor and thus can have its own widgets and settings. I removed all the default options for my second monitor and added simply a task manager on the left side and a start menu icon ON the desktop. I mainly use this screen for watching video at a distance, but I am sure the second screen can be configured to any possible needs, even with KDE5 under Mageia 6.

PS. I use a PS4 controller on the second larger screen. It also worked with Blender and Kdenlive.