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Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Feb 19th, '19, 14:09
by xboxboy
Hi Jamacla. The kde version of Magiea is my favourite. Very solid and functional.

As to your install issues: Start a thread in the main forum, and I'm sure we'll help get it sorted.


Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Apr 5th, '19, 11:08
by pedergam
I'm new to Mageia.
However I've been using different versions of Linux since 1995.
Including RedHat, Debian, Arch, Mandrake, (Open)Suse and latest Manjaro.
So consider me a newbee. ;-)

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Apr 5th, '19, 12:26
by Germ
Welcome to Mageia! :mrgreen:

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Apr 12th, '19, 15:48
by caffilhobr
Welcome pedergam to Mageia!

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jun 1st, '19, 01:19
by Zeeman
Hi, My name is Kurt and I'm from Belgium. I've been using linux mint 7 years with much satisfaction, until recently when they decided to move over to bionics Since then, there have been problems with NVIDIA and AMD. I have tried mageia and everything worked well.
the only problem is that it's not as simple as linux mint. my computer knowledge is as good as null and I think that a little bit computer knowledge in mageia is required. for example I don't understand how to set up the firewall.
I just want to know if the default Firewall settings provide adequate protection before I install mageia.

My English is also terrible and there isn't a Dutch forum.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '19, 13:59
by xboxboy
Hi Zeeman,
welcome to Mageia. It's a great community.

With your firewall question, Mageia (or any of the Mandrake descendants) have a fantastic GUI in the MCC (Mageia Control Centre). Will take you to the wiki page on the Firewall. The wiki and the documentation has oodles of info, but sometimes it needs a bit of explaining for a user-case.
So feel free to start a thread in the general support area of the forum. But a quick answer, unless you're using a web/ftp/smb server etc the standard settings are pretty well locked down. There's a whole host of adjustments you can make through the firewall system, as well as Msec, the security package. In general these settings are locked down tight. At times I've had a web facing (ie. open to the internet with regards to accepting incoming connections) and had no hacking issues.

The forum is a great area if you do have any questions.

The teams are busy getting ready to release Mageia 7, so exciting.

*My* experience is if you can put up with the *buntu/mint way of life, pretty sure you'll find Mageia a breeze if you're able to just accept things are a little different, but IMHO, a whole lot better :)


Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jun 3rd, '19, 22:02
by benmc
Welcome Zeeman to Mageia.

if you can remember back to when you started using Linuxmint (likely straight from Windows), there was a bit of a learning curve.
The same will apply here, coming from Mint to Mageia.

The major differences are command-line use-case, here, root is a defined and separate entity unless you set up "sudo" use.
and "apt-" wont work here, # urpmi package (install), # urpme package (uninstall), if you need to manage packages via command line.

System management likewise is controlled by root, so setting up your firewall needs doing via root.
as mentioned by xboxboy, MCC is your goto place for system management.

see you round the forum,

enjoy Mageia.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jun 8th, '19, 11:23
by magic
Hi everyone,

My first experience was with Corel Linux - first start X said no and I was presented with a lovely terminal with zero experience...didn't even know 'ls' :lol: (fortunately that irritated me in a good way, figured it out and the rest, as they say, is history).
Used SuSE for a couple of years then discovered Mandrake and have felt at home since. (Tried several distros over the years but I always went home)
Been using Mageia as a casual user since the original release. Currently not really up to speed due to previous work OS requirements (and lack of time), but I'm no longer even duel booting now - which has made my home partition much bigger 8-)

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jun 9th, '19, 19:55
by isadora
With a username like that, you make a real great entry into the community. :D

Very welcome magic, great to have you aboard just before the release of the magic 7.
Enjoy your stay, and we hope to hear more of your experiences.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jul 2nd, '19, 01:08
by juanfgs
So I have been using GNU/Linux for a long time now, my first experiences were with Mandrake, altough they weren't very good experiences. I remember having troubles to do basic stuff like installing packages. As time went by I forgot of Linux until 2005, where I returned with Debian Sarge, eventually for several reasons went through Ubuntu and Slackware. In 2008 I settled with Fedora and stayed there for a loooong time, learned quite a bit about the system, configuring services/servers, how to build RPMs for python packages, etc.

The latest releases of Fedora kinda dropped the ball for me, my desktop machine for some reaason has soft-lockup errors ONLY on Fedora, DNF has become slow as a dog, etc. etc. So I was interested on another community driven distribution.

My main requirements are :
- new-ish software
- rpm based
- community driven that cares about Free Software ( not zealous about it, but at least repo separation ).

So I saw that Mageia 7 released and I gave it a shot on my Desktop PC. I have already some "constructive criticisms" but overall the installation worked very well, most of the stuff I need for everyday work and use is there. The system seems super lightweight even with Gnome.

So I guess that is my story.


Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jul 2nd, '19, 15:17
by isadora
Great story and introduction, and a big welcome juanfgs!!!!!
You made it at a wonderful time, just one day after the release of our 7th.
Great our distribution is meeting your requirements.

Reading about your experiences with other tastes from the dense Linux-forest, and your "constructive criticisms", we are especially interested in having you aboard,
Whenever you have time, please have a look at our opportunities for volunteering:

Meanwhile, enjoy Mageia and it's community, and have magical times around!!!!!

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jul 15th, '19, 15:59
by andresilm
I'm Andres, I'm currently a C++ developer and GNU/Linux user since 2006 (started with Mandriva). Some days ago I tried this distro and fell in love with it, so I decided to adopt it as my main OS.
Thank you to all the community for keeping alive the Mandrake/Mandriva spirit, it was a nice surprise to find this fork of Mandriva after a decade and see how good it is. i would like that more people could know about its existence.
I hope I can help with the Mageia comunnity someway in near future.
Greetings from Argentina.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jul 15th, '19, 16:11
by xboxboy
Hi Andres,
yes, using magiea is pretty close to it's ancestors. Just better in pretty much every way.

Take a few minutes to dig around

All the teams work really well: There are some really generous mentors about the place too. The mailing lists are a safe place with no fighting or trolling.

It really is a pleasant environment.

So welcome (back to the Mandrake way), it's a great place.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Aug 6th, '19, 03:45
by tanclo
Hello and thank you for your contributions to foster a friendly community. I am Thomas, an African employed in the education field in Asia. I first installed a Linux distro in 2001 (OpenSUSE). I discovered Mandriva in 2008 and grew to like the distribution a great deal. I've used Fedora for the better part of the past ten years, but also favored OpenMandriva and ROSA. After replacing a battery of an old Lenovo IdeaPad 100s, I found Mageia 7 works quite efficiently.
I have little else to say except to wish everyone the best as you learn, share and prosper as part of this Linux community.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Aug 6th, '19, 11:56
by isadora
Thank you tanclo for the friendly introduction! :)
Wish you magical times with Mageia and it's community.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '19, 19:44
by jeevanism
Hello All,

I started with RedHat linux back in 2002 and suddenly fell in love with Mandrake Linux, ever since I been using Mandrake >> Mandriva. Once Mandriva left the scene, I went to other Distros but sooner I caught a serious addiction called DistroHopping. I could not settle for one distro for more than 3 months or so, and never get a satisfaction as I had when I was using Mandrake / Mandriva. I have tried Mageia in the past, last in year 2012 - 2013 but I could not settle down. Now after 7 years, I see Mageia is matured and solid and I hope I can settle again for one distro, free from distro-hoppping ;)

best wishes to Mageia Team

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '19, 19:46
by isadora
Welcome back again jeevanism, hope you like it so much, you never need another distro again. :)

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Nov 25th, '19, 21:39
by Linares

I have been a Windows user for more than 20 years. My only and superficial contacts with Linux have been, having installed Manjaro, Lubuntu and Ubuntu on very old computers to give them to my family and that they can continue browsing the web and using LibreOffice. That's why I'm still a real newbie.

But now I have installed Mageia 7 on my main computer (personal and work) with the aim of cornering Windows 10 more and more until I finally stop using it.

For all this, you will see that my doubts are quite basic and elementary.

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Nov 26th, '19, 12:41
by isadora
A warm welcome to our community Linares. :)
Nice aiming for a Window-less future, i think it's worth trying.
My last Windows-version was 2000, after that Windows disappeared into some virtual-machine, and now since some 15 years it's only and all Mageia in the house.

You will find great support in the forum and in our wiki and documentations.

Wish you magical times around!!! :)

From Mandrake 7.1 to Mageia 7.1

PostPosted: Jan 21st, '20, 16:06
by fopenp
In November 2000 (my birthday) I finished to download my first linux distribution, Mandrake 7.1. I was way younger and already were a (hobbyist) C programmer from 4 years. I wanted to switch on Linux because somebody saw me that everything was C based and open-source. Actually I learned my real programming skills thanks to linux kernel and software sources (and documentation)!

At those times I haven't found a way to download source packages in Mandrake 7.1. After 7.2 and 8.0, it's arrived Mandriva which required a clean installation. I decided to test some other distribution and I chosen to switch on Debian Woody because the command to get the source was easy: apt-get source packagename.

I also started to setup a Debian local mirror through "debmirror". It was fantastic making various installation tests (in my secondary machines and hard drives) with many DE and flavors.

After a while I passed to Ubuntu 6.06 (in 2006) because Debian security packages were not mirrorable (they still continue to provide 'em with private VPS servers for obscure reasons). In Ubuntu and almost every other distributions, security packages are spread with the normal packages through the public mirrors.

In 2019 I decided to run away from Ubuntu because, in so many (13) years, Ubuntu is now full of old or broken packages.
There is also ZFS in the Live CD, which is under the CDDL and it's in conflict with GPL. I don't really like this Frankenstein style; it's something near to illegal software for the end user IMHO. I use BTRFS from many years and is a bomb! Is rocket fast, intuitive, practical to use. I already move my Mageia installation in a BTRFS subvolume; in this way I can do instant backups and boot my previous versions in no time.

I've read in the official forum that Canonical employees discussing to replace .deb packages with snap packages.
Probably, in their dream, one day Ubuntu could be an Android-style OS and Snapcraft would be the Google Play. This, and the almost 100% software taken from Debian sources from Canonical's building machines, made me think that Canonical is not a good free software provider for my needings. I need to download the source, debugging it, fix it and send to the upstream. With snaps/flatpaks/portable software this is cumbersome.
Maybe canonical tries to build a Google Play-style store in order to attract big proprietary software companies. The problem is that selling closed-source software to linuxians is like to sell refrigerators to Eskimos. This never happened and never happens with real numbers, because linux attracts hobbyist programmers or people that wants to run away from Windows-like or OSX-style business.

So I tried some other distributions and even Mageia 7.1. I initially perceived that "7.1" as a coincidence. In fact, I initially chosen to install Fedora 31 on my main machine. After some weeks, I realised that Fedora is too much security centric. I could install it in my gateway, but I don't like it as a main desktop.

So I'm giving a try to Mageia and I'm feel pretty confident. Now I found the magic command to download a source package: urpmi --install-src packagename
I also mirrored it (both binaries and sources, with rsync) for my local network: it's just 356 GiB of data (which is aligned to my Fedora and Ubuntu; they're all partial mirrors).
Some basic packages which I used in Ubuntu aren't packaged in Mageia, but luckily they're a bunch of scripts and one easy to compile software (zita-mu1, an audio switcher).

I started from Mandrake 7.1 and now I'm on Mageia 7.1. My path has drawn a shape which now is closed and formed... the Mageia's cauldron!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

PostPosted: Jan 21st, '20, 19:02
by isadora
Great introduction Fabio, read it with great interest.
What else to say; be happy in our community and spread the magic around. :)