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Just got on board!

PostPosted: Nov 19th, '19, 15:59
by Jyawhurh
I'm happy to be with you. I use mageia for my project. I do not speak English, and I am not an expert in programming but I have many beautiful ideas and dreams that I have to realize, thanks also to you I hope. I invite you to follow my project on Github and I hope you enjoy it. Good life

Re: Just got on board!

PostPosted: Jan 27th, '20, 18:37
by morgano
Hi Jyawhurh
We have a presentation thread viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15
Hope you still enjoy Mageia - If questions just ask !
There are forums in other languages too.

Re: Just got on board!

PostPosted: Mar 2nd, '20, 01:25
by aboutblank
I'm happy to be here too, looks like an active community! I've been a long-time Windows user, still using Windows 7 (actually looking forward to no more updates!), experimenting with Windows 10 (just for the experience, am not using it, and no plans to). I've been testing many distros over the last 10 years, and have been impressed with the improvements over that time period. I can't recall if I ever tested Mageia (or Mandrake) during those years, but am glad I spotted Mageia this February. (I was impressed with it's elegant desktop and blue background, really beautiful, which led me to investigate it on Distrowatch. Also I was impressed by the Mageia website design, very well done!)

I ran into a minor problem while using Mageia 7.1 several days ago, and posted a question there, and received a quick response, along with a recommendation to post a bug report. (See Forum post at, near the bottom.) Unfortunately, when I went to and tried to log in, I was unsuccessful, though I read somewhere that after registering for the Forum, I could use my user-id and password to log into a number of different places, and I think the Wiki site is one of them. I'd like to post that bug, do I really need to register again, or has my recent Forum user-id/password not yet propagated to the Wiki?

Thanks for any help with this.

March 1, 2020

I poked around, and found my way to, which did allow me to log-in. I am now seeing this page:, so I believe I am at the right place to submit a bug! - aboutblank, March 1 2020

Re: Just got on board!

PostPosted: Mar 2nd, '20, 10:11
by morgano
Yep that is correct.
Main bug page is
You should be able to log in there.
If not, post back :)