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Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

Postby apkerr » May 24th, '18, 14:57

Hi Morgan,

Most of my work is in Linux now, mainly writing Python scripts to try to break whatever the developers on my team have written :)

My Mageia install last night was perfectly smooth, including downloading and installing all the updates. I decided to try out the Plasma desktop for a while. I usually go with XFCE or LXDE, but this time I thought I'd try something new.


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Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

Postby astasz » Jun 15th, '18, 19:30

Hi I am Artur from Poland.
I have been using linux from several years. From one year linux is my only OS. So far i tried mainly debian based distros including ubuntu, mint, sparkylinux, antix and first of all debian. I trie also few other to test.
Recently i have tried Mageia with non-free and firmware packages and I am very impressed. This is one of the least troublemaking distros i have used. Perhaps the least. Everything works from the beginning including wi-fi, printers, graphics, Steam games, flashplayer - with no additional activities. MCC is excelent.
Despite the fact that Mageia uses more memory than distros i used, it works smoothly and fast. I have to learn get use to urpmi insted apt but i belive that it is worth.
At work i installed Mageia with MATE desktop but at home i will install Gnome or Plasma. I dont know why Mageia is not as popular as it desires.
Greettings for all Mageia users
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Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

Postby Germ » Jun 18th, '18, 16:29

Welcome to Mageia!
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Re: Welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself

Postby benmc » Jun 18th, '18, 21:55

Hi astasz and welcome to Mageia

astasz wrote:at home i will install Gnome or Plasma

you can install both, or more desktops at once if you want.
just select at login which one you want to use today.
you can change your mind and use another one tomorrow ;)
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