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05/06/2012 meeting

PostPosted: Jun 5th, '12, 22:23
by ennael
Hi there

Here is the log of last meeting ... 19.06.html

As you can see very constructive one and many actions to come.


Re: 05/06/2012 meeting

PostPosted: Jun 15th, '12, 12:58
by isadora
During the latest/second meeting for the forum team it is decided to:
* once more call for candidates
* to extend the period for applying

Until now we only have one application, MaĆ¢t.
It would be great and even desirable to have more people interested for the task.
By Anne's words:
Would be nice to have a second one, allows better management of private life :)

For functional description one can find information at: ... eam_Leader

Those interested and willing to give it a shot:
please apply through our mailing-list:
forums-discuss<<at>>ml dot mageia dot org

After the application-period elections will be organized through e-polling.
More about that later.

Also: whenever you think you would like to apply, but don't think to fully comply to the functional description, don't hesitate.
All hands are welcome!!!
In such case just point that out with your nomination.

Re: 05/06/2012 meeting

PostPosted: Jun 15th, '12, 13:33
by marja
isadora wrote:For functional description one can find information at: ... eam_Leader

Thanks a lot, Isadora. I hope someone will step forward.

Something was missing in the list you linked to, what doktor5000 did last monday: he reported to council about the problems forum users have installing Mageia 2 or upgrading to it.

So I added:
make sure council gets feedback about what users think about Mageia and what their user experiences are, when needed
to the list you linked to.