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Thank You Button

Postby CaptSilver » Jan 22nd, '12, 11:58

It would be nice to give thanks to those who helped solve or troubleshoot problems. That might help motivate users to respond so that they can get some recognition. It fills the esteem need on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. :D
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Re: Thank You Button

Postby doktor5000 » Jan 23rd, '12, 13:52

Would be nice if you could look through the existing mods for phpbb (our forum software) to ease the needed work
for our forum admins who could implement this. A short search returns: and ... e1767.html and ... &t=1683495
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Re: Thank You Button

Postby loqo » Feb 3rd, '12, 15:36

Thanks CaptSilver! It's a good suggestion, although nothing beats a personal "thank you" message posted in response to something. A counter just feels... cold. Lacks the human touch. Still, it's better than no thanks at all!
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