Mageia forum integration :)

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Mageia forum integration :)

Postby bebopcool » Jan 12th, '12, 23:36

I am an ubuntu user looking for another distribution.
Mageia is interesting me because i used in the past Mandriva.

when arriving on the webpage
I have been impressed by the clean CMS integration of website

this is a very clean integration of different php scripts :
blogengin + phpbb forum + mediawiki with on unique tool bar

which CMS did you use to obtain this clean integration ? (shall be an opensource one, no ?)
it is not written in the credits
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Re: Mageia forum integration :)

Postby doktor5000 » Jan 13th, '12, 01:22

AFAIK there is no CMS, just a custom-made toolbar by our web team, feel free to ask them:
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