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Locked out no longer

PostPosted: Nov 28th, '16, 23:41
by jiml8
I seem to have been locked out of this site for the last couple of days, and I posted a message about it on the email list.

I am now again able to access the site.

I can offer no solid explanation for what happened, though at this point I suspect there was some problem with updates to/from my password manager...maybe something was cached that should not have been cached.

Whatever; I am now back into the site and if anyone was going to investigate why I was locked out, it should be unnecessary.

Re: Locked out no longer

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '16, 13:36
by isadora
Glad to have you back. :)

Re: Locked out no longer

PostPosted: Nov 29th, '16, 18:27
by doktor5000
Just a dumb question, when you used the "forgot password" feature, did it forward you to ?
As the password change has to be done for your LDAP account, if something still links to the forum-integrated password reset function, this will not work.