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[SOLVED]-Freezes and restarts in Mageia 8 Beta 1 and 2

PostPosted: Dec 21st, '20, 23:44
by Roamaz
Well, I'm testing it and I have the Beta 2 installed, but when it takes 10 minutes or 2 hours the whole system restarts or freezes and it only remains to reboot roughly.

Here I put the error messages that it sends me in dmesg:
Code: Select all
[    0.207769] mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
[    0.207771] [Hardware Error]: System Fatal error.
[    0.207776] [Hardware Error]: CPU:4 (17:1:1) MC5_STATUS[-|UE|MiscV|AddrV|PCC|TCC|SyndV|-|-|-]: 0xbea0000000000108
[    0.207782] [Hardware Error]: Error Addr: 0x0001ffff8dc00fe6
[    0.207784] [Hardware Error]: IPID: 0x000500b000000000, Syndrome: 0x000000004d000000
[    0.207788] [Hardware Error]: Execution Unit Ext. Error Code: 0, Watchdog Timeout error.
[    0.207790] [Hardware Error]: cache level: RESV, tx: GEN, mem-tx: GEN [    0.207786]   #5  #6  #7

My system is:

Asus Prime B450M-A Motherboard, Amd Ryzen 5 1500x Processor, 16 gigs (checked without errors), Amd Radeon 570x 4GB graphics card.

Some help?.
Thank you.

Re: Freezes and restars in Mageia 8 Betas 1 and 2

PostPosted: Dec 22nd, '20, 12:43
by doktor5000
Hi there, you may want to have a look at e.g. ... mce_events
Try other kernel boot options like "idle=nomwait" or disable C states (energy management for the CPU) in the BIOS.
FWIW this is not specific to beta2 and will happen with all distros with a recent-enough kernel.

Re: Freezes and restars in Mageia 8 Betas 1 and 2

PostPosted: Dec 22nd, '20, 14:34
by Roamaz
I'll be up to date, thank you.


Done! At the end, after giving it a lot of laps, disable the Global C-State control and it is already perfect.

Thanks a lot.

Remark, I put "Solved" at the beginning of the message.