Mageia 8 Beta 2: Nothing to report!

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Mageia 8 Beta 2: Nothing to report!

Postby Rallemikken » Dec 15th, '20, 22:05

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[user@localhost Mageia-8-x86_64-netinstall]$ cat VERSION
Mageia release 8
Tue Dec 15 09:45:07 2020

Netinstall with Mate and lots of software on 3-4 years old hardware. Nvidia builds fine, not a glitch or hickup anywhere! Grub picked up all 4 installs on my rig, everything seems to work. Pleasently surprised by the troublefree Nvidia-build, this has been an issue over the last two versions on my old graphics card. I've also experienced that Debian has had trouble with the legacy-340 driver on some 5.x kernels. Looks good, nice work!
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Re: Mageia 8 Beta 2: Nothing to report!

Postby morgano » Dec 16th, '20, 11:44

Nice to hear, and welcome to our forum :)

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