Problems installing eclipse-swt

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Problems installing eclipse-swt

Postby hansmicheelsen » Sep 29th, '20, 13:51

In august I files a bug report on problems installing eclipse-swt, Bug 27146 - eclipse-swt cannot be installed due to unfulfilled because of claimed missing
But in spite of updates to java-11-openjdk the problem remains.
Furthermore eclipse does not start. The error message is attached as a png.

So now I suppose it's my Cauldron that has messed up somehow. It does happen, but rarely.

Do others see the same problem? And do anybody has suggestions to how to solve the problem except from reinstalling.

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[root@localhost hansmicheelsen]# rpm -qa | grep jdk
ErrorMessageEclipse.png (110.22 KiB) Viewed 176 times
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Re: Problems installing eclipse-swt

Postby doktor5000 » Sep 29th, '20, 17:38

hansmicheelsen wrote:So now I suppose it's my Cauldron that has messed up somehow.

No, it's because the reported bug has not been fixed yet, as you already noted there.
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