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we need wps-office

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '20, 11:24
by seturm
wps-office is a very usefull office software for the world,but it is not a real free software.
Its price is free,use free.

it was made by Chinese Kingsoft Office Software ,it is very popular in Asia,
long long ago,when MS wanted sell MSOffice in China,it had to compatible WPS's fotmat.
and now it is alive,and it was updated frequently
now wps-office is not best,but may be it is the world’s best office experience to Linux
Compatible with Microsoft Office Supports PPT, DOC, DOCX, XLS and XLSX Save documents as a PDF

We can get it from

it can be put in the <Mageia Welcome>,it is very usefull

Re: we need wps-office

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '20, 18:31
by doktor5000
This is a friendly reminder that this is a Mageia forum, and not an advertisement platform. Also please refrain from using colors and bigger fonts excessively.

Also, why should it be put into Mageia Welcome when it's not even packaged for Mageia ? mageiawelcome already contains libreoffice, calligra, abiword etc.