We need sudo nano deadbeef

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We need sudo nano deadbeef

Postby seturm » Aug 19th, '20, 11:08

just like openSUSE Debian ,while install the Mageia,if we not input the root's password,system make the first user to manage system by "sudo"
nano is so easy to use ,so now it is very very popular.
as a Chinese ,when I first login the mageia,I should do some thing at first.
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1   su -
2   dnf update
3   dnf install sudo nano fish fonts-ttf-wqy-microhei x11-ttf-wqy-bitmapfont iftop
4   urpme brasero rhythmbox sound-juicer

5 ##change MCC repo ,add non-free tainted
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6   uprmi deadbeef

7 ##use tweak ,change the fonts to microhei is very good for me.
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