Flatpak: Possible Use in Mageia Project?

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Flatpak: Possible Use in Mageia Project?

Postby linuxbrad » Nov 3rd, '17, 14:42


I've seen this new technology (or not new...I'm not sure...it appears to be a new name for xdg-app) pop up on various forums. I had a look at their web site (http://flatpak.org/index.html#page-top) but haven't really investigated it with any rigour. It looks like it may have been developed by people associated with Fedora and may be a replacement for RPM, APT, and the like (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flatpak).

In any case, has anyone on the Mageia Project looked at this and determined the feasibility of its use here?


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Re: Flatpak: Possible Use in Mageia Project?

Postby doktor5000 » Nov 3rd, '17, 19:23

Well, flatpak is available as package on Mageia 6. This is also mentioned at http://flatpak.org/getting.html
so you should be able to install apps as mentioned here: http://flatpak.org/apps.html
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Re: Flatpak: Possible Use in Mageia Project?

Postby ozky » Nov 25th, '17, 14:20

Here is another page have even more apps.
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