MGA7 Cauldron VirtualGL fails calling glXCreatePbuffer

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MGA7 Cauldron VirtualGL fails calling glXCreatePbuffer

Postby jaywalker » Dec 7th, '18, 01:27

I have no idea if that is the best Subject for this plea for help. I have been trying since the day I installed MGA7 in October to discover why I could no longer use vglrun on this box to get remote access to key applications; Blender, NON-DAW, MythTV

It is basically a headless PC with an AMD A10 7860K and a GTX 960 for Blender CUDA support. OpenGL is provided by Mesa and the amdgpu driver and is used by any of the applications needing it for display acceleration. Screen support is through x2go and VirtualGL. This arrangement works well when the box runs Mageia 6 but not Mageia 7 (cauldron).

VirtualGL was the first suspect. I always have to hand-hack the system configuration as the configuration script shipped with the package doesn't know about Mageia or LXDE and I don't always get this right first time. I finally noticed that the version packaged for MGA7 is the same as the one on MGA6 so I was inclined to rule it out as a potential suspect. Nevertheless, I built the current 2.6 version and it passes all tests on MGA6 and all tests which don't involve setting up a pbuffer on MGA7.

After a lot of reading and a lot less understanding I reasoned that Mesa may be the real culprit as it provides the OpenGL stuff for the AMD APU, but I have no difficulty running applications like glxspheres64 or foobillard or (as of a few weeks ago) Blender 2.8 when I attach a monitor to the PC. The Blender problem appeared to be the same issue as it too had never run on MGA7 from the day I installed it, but one day a week or so ago it just started to work. Something in Cauldron had been updated to fix whatever that bug was, but it was not the same bug afflicting VirtualGL.

All through the same period I had been suffering various issues with amdgpu errors during boot, but finally last weekend I traced that to an incorrect kernel module parameter which should have worked (amdgpu.dc=1) but caused screen detection to fail for the VGA monitor.

That is a short version of my journey through this display maze since October. I have to get it sorted or stay with Mageia 6. That isn't really an option as Blender no longer runs on the version of glibc shipped with Mageia 6 and that program is what I use this hardware for.

Now here is the question; can anyone recommend a good way to get old versions of Mesa to test? The biggest differences between the hardware running MGA6 and the same running MGA7 are the kernel (and hence amdgpu) version, Mesa and the x11 amdgpu driver. Can I mix and match? Will, for example, the old MGA6 mesa work with a 4.19 kernel and 18.3 x11 driver?

I would love to hear if anyone else using other hardware has problems getting
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vglrun glxspheres64
to work.
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