Data Mining PhD student trying to contribute.

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Data Mining PhD student trying to contribute.

Postby gopinutakki » Nov 5th, '12, 17:21

Hello all,

I am a data mining PhD student and I would be very glad to contribute to the project. I have noticed Data Mining being mentioned on the contributions webpage. Can anyone let me know of the IRC channel or any person, I need to get in touch so that I can start working?

Thank you
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Re: Data Mining PhD student trying to contribute.

Postby doktor5000 » Nov 5th, '12, 21:23

Hi there and welcome to Mageia.

Please have a look at [SOLVED]Data miner thinking of contributing - some questions
Maybe you even recognize the really similar subject :D
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Re: Data Mining PhD student trying to contribute.

Postby viking60 » Feb 2nd, '13, 11:48

Is it even possible to have a data mining project and respect privacy?
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Re: Data Mining PhD student trying to contribute.

Postby mhoke63 » May 19th, '13, 09:31

While data mining has come to mean a lot of things, it doesn't necessarily mean spying on users. It just means to take data and make it meaningful data. However, more often than not, someone doing data mining projects are invading privacy by doing things like observing what users do and reporting that information. That would not be OK in this community. Even if malicious code like that were introduced, it would be removed quickly after it was released. However, data mining could be useful and doesn't necessarily mean invading the privacy of users.
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