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PostPosted: Mar 1st, '12, 04:55
by stephenliberty
This is a rather general question, but is there any hardware the Mageia team would find useful? For instance, machines to do builds on?

Re: Hardware

PostPosted: Mar 1st, '12, 12:44
by doktor5000
Maybe it would be a better idea if you ask them directly via the mageia-dev mailing list ...

Re: Hardware

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '15, 10:36
by csablak
I'm talking about something else, but it's also hardware.

Hi guys!
He finally arrived at the long-awaited new 5 edition which I did a quick update.
But unfortunately there were problems one in three computer.

The old P4I65GV Asrock motherboard on which an integrated Intel 865GV chipset max 64M.
For this reason, it was a Geforce FX5200, which is already in the system is unfortunately not supported right now. The Mageia 4 have happily worked with him.
And because the monitor is a smart modern PIF22 Orion LED monitor / TV, so silly, because it normally does not send the resolution to work. It was difficult to adjust. Many times I saw only blackness. The nouveau freeze. I am forced to use the VESA driver.
I thought I install manually from nvidia archive the latest nvidia 173 driver. But the system does not allow. That does not update the nvidia legacy on these drivers, you can still continue the backports repository should be made available. What do you think about this?
Currently, this machine is useless. But Linux has always been famous for its old machines work well. What should I do?

Regards: csablak

Re: Hardware

PostPosted: Jun 23rd, '15, 20:21
by doktor5000
csablak wrote:What should I do?

Post in a separate thread, and not in one that is already 3 years old?