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develop Mageia

Postby pabbuu28 » Dec 12th, '20, 15:37

Hello all

I really interested in Mageia OS, and so i want to help to develop this OS. I got at university scores for subjects as OOP(c++) and System Programming - A0, for Operating System(Ubuntu we learned) - B0, unfortunately for Computer Architecture - C0 . I want to participate in developing this OS, and begin doing from simple to complex tasks if it possible. I want to apply my knowledge, which i am getting at university in real world problems. Give any suggestions please.

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Re: develop Mageia

Postby isadora » Dec 12th, '20, 17:46

A good start to orientate for contributing to Mageia is:
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Re: develop Mageia

Postby morgano » Dec 12th, '20, 21:06

Other interesting starting points are "Distribution development" and "Contributor's Corner".

For others reading this, I want to add people can contribute in several ways without coding skills - see the links :)
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