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Support in case of outage (mirror)

PostPosted: Mar 11th, '21, 20:10
by gpunk
The mirrors, are very important,

For the new user: the mirror is the place where the "playstore"/"applestore"/M$market" resides,

The integrity and availability of the mirrors and the files (packages==programmes) is Vital, imagine your self with "playstore/android" not working: you are in bad shape :p .

It is nice to have a very easy way to help mageia with that, as I do.

It is to me too, the maintainer of a mageia repo. very important to know if there are issues.

Thus, I leave you here my contact info.
( please do not abuse :) I have already 1000's of IPs banned , do not join them, other services in the world get my banning list too and update other systems (and vice versa), here and there ... )

You can msg me to , you guess that I manage , it is somewhere in France ;-)


Re: Support in case of outage (mirror)

PostPosted: Mar 15th, '21, 00:52
by filip
gpunk wrote:The mirrors, are very important,

Hi gpunk.

First, thanks for your mirror contribution. And I totally agree. I'll try to answer your question and I hope that I understood your concern. If you miss anything or I didn't mention it please be more specific.

For protection of Mageia users there are already several measures in place.
There's an update status page to see stalled or unavailable mirrors.
All Mageia packages built on our infrastructure are signed.
There's a recently added options on main download page where anybody can check checksums stored in web pages git repo with the chosen downloaded file.
There was also a recent discussion on atelier mailing list to test each mirrors checksum files. Paul has volunteered. If need be I can create something too.