Editing Live Mageia

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Editing Live Mageia

Postby adhefe » Dec 23rd, '20, 03:37


I would like to change Mageia's live image so as to add an application. The idea is to have a live Mageia 8 which can be used to run a specific application without changing the instalation I work with.

I've read about this for other distros and wonder how to do the same with Mageia's live image.

I thank in advance any tips on how to create a live Mageia's image with an additional application.
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Re: Editing Live Mageia

Postby martinw » Dec 23rd, '20, 11:58

You have two options:

1. Enable persistence. If you use the Mageia IsoDumper tool to dump the ISO to a USB stick, it has an option to do this, otherwise you can do it manually by adding a third partition on the USB stick, formatting it, and labelling it "mgalive-persist". Lots more detail on persistence here:
https://wiki.mageia.org/en/User:Morgano ... ve_systems

2. Create your own custom Live ISO. See the instructions at https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Draklive2. I recommend trying example 2 to start with. Note that like a network install, it does rely on having a stable mirror, so until Mageia 8 is released you may hit problems if the mirror starts updating whilst you are building the ISO.
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Re: Editing Live Mageia

Postby morgano » Dec 24th, '20, 00:20

3. Make a standard install to the portable storage.

I am trying to wrap up the alternatives here: https://wiki.mageia.org/en/User:Morgano ... al_install
Note that this page as well as the one for 1. are still in writing and not scrutinised yet.

Enabling persistence is the easiest way.
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Re: Editing Live Mageia

Postby adhefe » Dec 28th, '20, 02:52

Many thanks!
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