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PostPosted: Jul 13th, '19, 07:29
by LvnLnx
Hi all,
I use a select few Linux based distro's, and Mageia is one of them. I have enjoyed the eye pleasing apearance of the last two releases (though previous releases were nice, also). I don't usually sign up to the forums.... Anyway, While tinkering around with a CGI application, I have made a wallpaper which I thought to share. I've read the contribution section from the wiki, but I am unsure that this wallpaper fits the guide lines, with the exception of the font used (thank you Nicolas Duval).
It is 1920x1080 @ 1200ppi resolution, so it may not fit for everyone. There's two versions, the only difference is the size of the text. I made one with smaller text just in case someone might wish to use it for other parts of the system (such as login screen background, for example).




I hope you'll enjoy using this as much as I did making it.

Re: Wallpaper Share

PostPosted: Apr 21st, '20, 21:56
by ictiosis