phaseal player - music player w/ fx-processing\automation

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phaseal player - music player w/ fx-processing\automation

Postby zelux » Dec 24th, '16, 01:42

Hello folks :)

So I wrote this music player, I'm gonna call it "phaseal player". It's a music player centered
around audio effects processing, a little similar to audacious and DAWs in general, but it operates
as a keyboard-driven music player that can be run in the terminal or eventually God willing in its
own separate window after some more development has been put into it. It processes a handful
of interesting effects at run-time and can be scheduled to automate nearly anything that can
be done with user input on its own. The effects are stacked on top of each other in a specific
order to hear all non-conflicting effects processed simultaneously. Also it has a pipelined methodology
that enables settings to be automated in a relative manner. For example, you could set individual
amplify settings to multiple songs in a play list but play each song at 50% of its scheduled setting when
you move the amplify parameter to 50% on a normal track.

you can dowload it here
I would certainly like to make a package for this distribution, I just haven't had time to yet.

These commands that are automated by the music player are saved via plain-text playlist files that
are lists of the tracks by media file path with a command chart beneath each filename
(if it has one) that is listed in order of song times, which can be in seconds (X:XX), or beat
relative formats (1+1/4 etc). Speaking of which song tempos can also be saved as sort of annotations
that go with the playlists. The tempos can be figured out during run-time by tapping the space bar to the
beat. In turn, a handful of effects within the program can operate to the beat of the song. For example,
you could set the song tempo, and then set the echo to 1 beat, 1/2 a beat, 1+1/2 beats etc...

I'll try to record some more demo videos and hopefully God willing write some kind of manuals soon,
in the mean-time, you can press f1 at any view in the program to see a list of commands that are
possible, also there are 2 demo videos I recorded even though they are admittedly lacking & I should probably
do some better ones.

If you might be interested please be obliged to try the program out, I've been using it myself and
enjoy it quite a bit, at least when I'm not busy working on it. When I was a teenager I used to enjoy listening
to music backwards (still do of course) so I'd often save little edits of my favorite songs after reversing
them w/ audacity. All that can get tiresome of course, even with a nice fast program like sox (which I do love),
and I find myself often just wanting to hear what a new cool song sounds like in reverse but the effort to drag
it into some audio program and save a copy somewhere often discourages me from doing so. So having this program
can address those kinds of issues if you are a bit like me.

This is my beta-release of the program, so if you use it and run into any kinds of bugs, or the program crashes or anything like
that, I would be super grateful to anyone who files an issue on the bitbucket issue tracker I have set up.
you can get to that from or if I mistyped that I also put a link to that page

ok, thanks for reading, have a wonderful day !

- cheers & Godspeed :)

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