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Introducing Zeynep. Building rpms in a clean environment.

PostPosted: Jan 14th, '15, 14:15
by tarakbumba
Hi. I have written yet another utility which builds rpms from a source rpm in a clean chroot: Zeynep.

I'm well aware of "Mageia-chroot scripts", iurt and aum (++). But they simply do not meet my needs. I needed a script which needs less typing, easily configurable but let me set every possible aspects of options (temp directory, packages to install chroot, defining urpmi options at runtime etc.), uses a rpm cache to save me time/bandwith (but do not require a full Mageia mirror), have a full translation support, can use some kind of a plugin system and most important an understandable/playable code for me (bash).

While others do their work well, i can not find enough usage options, documantation for iurt. Aum (Perl) and aum++ (C++) were not understandable/extendible by me. I found that Mageia-chroot scripts are not enough for me. Most important they currently do not provide localization support.

So, zeynep was born:
  • Written in bash, needs a few external tools (like urpmi, rpm, sudo, rpm-tidy, rpm-sign, gettext, sed and basename) outside of bash.
  • It have configuration support which enables that user define options and arguments in a zeynep-*.conf file so user less types in terminal to get the results.
  • It also provides a basic plugin system for now only for package building phase (before and after) as functions determined in the configuration file.
  • It can use cache which should include previously downloaded rpms but not the entire Mageia mirror.
  • It can allow the user to enable Non-free/Tainted/Backports media sources for either chroot tar archive creation or package building.
  • It can automatically uploads created packages to a user defined directory, sign them and create genhdlists.
  • It is fully translatable

I make it for myself but wanted to share with others. Let's give a try to it!

Source code:
Latest release:
License: GNU GPL v.2

Re: Introducing Zeynep. Building rpms in a clean environment

PostPosted: Jan 15th, '15, 01:06
by xxblx
Look interesting. Thanks for sharing. I will watch Zeynep development.

Re: Introducing Zeynep. Building rpms in a clean environment

PostPosted: Mar 5th, '15, 16:45
by tarakbumba
I have updated zeynep to 1.0.6 version which fixes various issues and it should work as expected now. If you interested you can grab latest source code and read release notes at zeynep's Github Page