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PostPosted: Feb 7th, '18, 12:00
by wintpe
This is just a general query, about opinions in the packaging team towards appimage.

just a summary of where im going with this please correct me if my assumptions are wrong.

Mageia development teams are often stretched , and they rebuild all the apps, regularly and we are all grateful for that.

But if the Mageia distribution moved to a model where it was the core operating system and a few useful mini app's along the lines of what we see out of the box on a Microsoft only install (ie without all the crap that vendors add) and then the rest was downloaded as appimages or one of the other app frameworks, flatpak or snap.

Then many distributions would benefit from those apps and visa versa and we would not be locked in to specific versions of apps, either way.

for example those that wanted to stick to an old version of an app for whatever reason could even on a newer operating system, or those suffering from a bug
in the version of app supplied with the current version could jump to the latest.

This would allow more freedom in the core, and perhaps more focus.

regards peter

Re: appimage

PostPosted: Feb 7th, '18, 23:41
by doktor5000
See the recent mentions about flatpak: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=12090
I've tested it to install a few applications from and it works fine so far.

But if you look into the details about those format, you may find there are several smaller quirks like not having proper systemwide GTK / QT themes and such that comes with having everything in a container image.
Try it out for yourself.

Re: appimage

PostPosted: Feb 8th, '18, 10:45
by wintpe
Thanks Doktor,

i know what you mean about the themes I often have that issue in mageia depending upon what apps I install.

I think from what ive seen so far those package systems seem to be alighned to one or another dektop (not exclusivly) but in the main.

ie snap/flatpack clearly more in gnomes direction and app image more in kde.

hence why i picked app image for the title is ive been using apps in that format with no issues.

I guess a mix of local apps from mageia packagers that have loads of time to dedicate to their chosen app to support, and those that dont get the time, and therefore the apps we ship get old, those that are getting old could be replaced with apps from these repos instead.

regards peter