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Empty %_postun_userdel -> /usr/share/rpm-helper/del-user

PostPosted: Dec 17th, '16, 11:19
by fixxer
I have a question about removing system user after daemon / service package uninstallation.

Script, that commonly is used to it in %postun is empty and does nothing. It was wrote even in README:
/usr/share/doc/rpm-helper/README wrote:%_postun_userdel <name>
Does nothing currently.
%_postun_groupdel <group>
Does nothing currently.

What is methodologically (technically) correct - to remove or not to remove system user (with userdel -rf $NAME) with package uninstallation?

Re: Empty %_postun_userdel -> /usr/share/rpm-helper/del-user

PostPosted: Dec 17th, '16, 15:19
by doktor5000
Users or groups should not be removed, as you can never know if any files outside that users home folder might still belong to them, and how to automatically handle those stale files then.