Add packages to Mageia 6 repos

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Add packages to Mageia 6 repos

Postby crazytux » Sep 13th, '17, 10:45


Please add these packages to Mageia 6 repos.
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Re: Add packages to Mageia 6 repos

Postby doktor5000 » Sep 13th, '17, 12:05

Hi there, if you want those packages added, please submit a package request for those, after searching if that hasn't been reported already: ... ge_request

For skype, we have get-skype (which would currently require an update, but they do not offer the tarball anymore, see
On some systems, there are also problems with the newer version, check )
pdftk has been removed from our repositories as it is dead upstream and it does no longer build.
For tlp there are already package requests, feel free to follow those:
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Re: Add packages to Mageia 6 repos

Postby kozaki » Mar 23rd, '18, 22:10

Just added TLP (OpenSUSE tlp-1.0-1.1.noarch.rpm) to Mageia6 on my netbook.
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Re: Add packages to Mageia 6 repos

Postby DankyNanky » Sep 19th, '18, 16:19

How can we go about seeing packages not being added here?
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Re: Add packages to Mageia 6 repos

Postby Germ » Sep 24th, '18, 12:38

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